How to trade or invest in penny stocks?

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Penny stocks are one of the best ways to make money through stocks. How do find the best ones from the list of penny stocks? There could be plenty of stocks, which can make or break your account. Stock analysts would break their head with this. Because if you hold stocks for long term say 10 years then you can be a millionaire or even billionaire. To trade or invest in penny stocks involves a lot of skills like picking the best stocks, knowing the company’s history, understanding the risk, how much money to risk? if you want to create your own trading system, you can start here

When it comes to penny stocks, it reminds me of Jim parsons from big bang theory knocking his neighbor’s door saying “Penny penny penny”

But many of them fail in picking the right penny stocks, it is because they don’t have the right formula to pick the best ones. You must be aware of the cycles, one time the IT stocks would make you fortune and another time banks stocks are winners. It ‘s you to decide the best ones from the rest. You cannot get rich overnight but if you follow the steps given here, you can be a winner.

There is no super tricks to succeed, it is just your idea and that makes you money. But your idea must be in the same wavelength as the billionaires. You must follow the smart traders to get rich and it’s possible with discipline. It’s like the small fishes that follow the shark in the ocean. In stocks, if you are a day trader then you must be knowing about the time frame to make the perfect trades.

Udemy is the best marketplace for online courses.It gives you the freedom of learning at your own pace. there are variety of courses to choose from and learning never stops. In stock trading, you are 70 percent sure to lose money but if you handle your money well and take proper risks, you are sure a winner. Learn about the penny stocks ( How to trade and invest in penny stocks?) from UDEMY

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