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Job market these days requires highly skilled people. If you aren’t sure about how to learn the new skills, then keep reading this article. These skills can get you a lot of money and satisfaction in your job. Never waste time worrying about the job interviews you badly failed, update your skills and get paid more than you dreamt of. Science and technology have taken our lives by storm and each day we live around gadgets that became our friends; let us see the top skills to master.

Become a web developer

Web developer is still the best skill one can develop because the need of website is ever-growing from small company to large organizations. Website can be created in minutes than it took hours to make them. Working on the front end and as well as the back end is what the industry needs.  The skills include like HTML5, WordPress or using bootstrap. No worries if you are math student, it takes just six months of practice and you can be better web developer. If you still haven’t learnt about web development, then this is a time to master it.  become a web developer today

Build Mobile apps

Building mobile apps is another great skill for a freelancer and there is huge demand for it. Imagine you can make a lot of money passively by just creating an app and uploading it on a marketplace.  Mobile users are crazy to check out mobile apps which make their task easy. So if you are a problem solver and have the coding skills to create a mobile app then try learning the swift language or IOS language. Create classy apps from your laptop, knowledge is power! build Mobile apps today


I am a game developer

Who doesn’t love games these days?  It is best stress buster and also the good way to kill time. Now you can create your own game just in 3 weeks. Unity developer is most wanted gaming skill or probably game developing skill and most engineers are paid high when they complete learning unity. If you are passionate and never want to work so hard, then learn unity gaming. Code in your free time and increase your creativity, gaming improves the creativity in a person. Make Unity games today



This is still the best course out there and companies do pay high salaries. If you are new to coding and you don’t like geeky websites or mobile apps then try this course. Some courses never require continuous learning and this is one of them. You read one time and you keep making money as you get opportunities. One of the standard courses out there and helps you get a top position in a here to know more

Get Android

Android has become the top operating system that is used in the world making the Microsoft windows to the second. We can see 8 out of 10 mobile phones running on android only, the utilities are plenty and users love the apps from gaming, to online banking, shopping and any on-demand services can be done with a touch of a button. If you aren’t learning android, then you are missing something. Although there are plenty of versions out there, it’s better to start learning with android M. click here to learn 

Photoshop – edit anything

Adobe has given a wonderful product which is the Photoshop.  This is one of the skills that you must definitely have, because it can be used in daily life. You want to create a presentation in your office or edit your old pictures or probably send someone a wedding or birthday card, this would come in handy. There are many online image editors but Photoshop is the godfather and the perfection is extra-ordinary. Graphical designer is the hot cake job in the market. Learn Photoshop today 


This is an open source project developed by Google to create effective web applications. It is one of the JavaScript framework used by many web developers. It helps to retrieve arrays easily unlike other methods. Why AngularJS? Why not JavaScript? You can have more control over logic with fewer lines of code. learn today 

Become a writer

Writing jobs is one of popular jobs nowadays which can be done in your free time. The opportunities are amazing and you must start to find the clients who can give regular projects. When the client is satisfied with the work, then you will get more projects month after month. Set a target to make like 500$ in a month or probably 3000$ in a year. This is an additional income and definitely a skill to master. Writing and self -publishing  books on amazon would fetch you recurring income 

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