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Everyone wants to be successful but unless one takes the right steps, success becomes a dream for them. There are four parts or areas or sections or divisions in every men and women’s life.  First would be health, second would be money, third would be relationships and fourth would be knowledge. To get what you want in these four divisions, one must have the right guru or the right books. Each book is a piece of advice to be good and each author is a great teacher/guru to follow.

Intelligent investor

intelligent investor

This is one of the most popular books read by many investors and reading this book helps you understand the value of money. How to invest money in stocks or make a good investment with the money you got? Keeping money in your purse can’t bring any change to your life or others around you.

Five love languages

Five love languages

This is gem for the people who are newly married. This book helps you tackle the compatibility issues and makes you a better person. Husband and wife should be always happy and make their goals is the motto of this book. written to help people who go through a bad phase in their marriage life.

You can heal your life

you can heal your life

We all have regrets, pain in our life. How to not feel depressed for our past mistakes? We will get more opportunities in our life but when we hold ourselves to the negatives, and then it may not be possible to put our heart in work. This book helps you let go of all your past and be a better person.

Think and grow rich

think and grow rich

One of the best books to read and what you think is what you get! Most books by Napoleon hill and Andrew Carnegie are treasure for business people and for someone who wants to improve their life. You can also try out books like Law of success by Napoleon Hill.

How to win friends and influence people

We cannot live without friends; we have fear and negative thoughts in our mind. Have you ever felt bad with social anxiety not able to mingle with crowd? How to make friends like you and be a popular personality? The benefits of networking with your friends gives you a great exposure at work or learning something new. you can get more opportunities through your friends.

Rich Dad, Poor dad

If you want to be rich, you have to make good decision with your money. The best way is to create an additional income source which could be house or business or from stocks/bonds. Make money work for you rather than doing a 9-5 job. Never depend on one income, keep finding new ways to make more money.

Power of habit

To master a skill, we must have regular habits or practice to achieve it. If you want to be a writer, write daily. If you want to be a runner and be an athlete, run daily. To be better at something, practice daily religiously. In other terms, it’s called as routine which one has to follow.

Creative visualization

If you want to achieve something, first create them in your third eye. Set the goals of your life and take necessary steps. It doesn’t happen overnight, we must take little steps every day to be successful. What you see in your third eye is what you get. Confidence and happiness are the end results of the book.

The secret

One of the top selling books and the movie is inspirational. Achieve what you want and improve your life within a year. If you wanted to have a car, imagine and visualize having a car then the universe helps you get positive results.

4 Hour week

If you want to increase the productivity at office, then try the “4 hour week”. Learn how to outsource things and save your time. You are too lazy but definitely want to complete this task by Monday then try reading this book. automate the things around you and save the time.

I will teach you to be rich

Yes that’s a book name. Create a long term saving account; learn how to reduce your debts, if you buy more things you might want to sell them soon. There are many ideas available in the book for everyone and it helps you to enjoy the later years of your life happily.

Power of Now

Negative thoughts accumulate in our mind from day to night. Human mind is one of the powerful things that can change one’s life. What we have in our mind are just misconceptions. How to stay in the present? And not thinking about the future or the past. Power of now would help you to be in the present with our thoughts.

What color is your parachute?

Career is the worst and best part of a person. Written to help people find their dream job, you cannot be an entrepreneur unless you learn the skills. Working day by day brings you a new self, a new style and think about what you will do in 5 years from now. This would be an eye opener in the career of a person.

Jose Silva mind control method

If you have read the think and rich, then you must try reading the Jose Silva mind. The book explains about the power of the mind and how you practice your mind, you can achieve the things. Interesting read and reaching the alpha level meditation is the key to success.

Thanks for reading 🙂  If you have an interesting book, please comment below 🙂

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