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Trading stocks?investing stocks is an art which has to be mastered every day to be skillful. As time keeps changing , the psychology behind trading also changes. Back in the days, there were less volume and now everyone wants to make quick money.  The idea of investing/trading never change and it’s good to read the following books to become a better trader/investor.

  1. Intelligent Investor  :  This is considered to be one of the best books on investing. It will take a long time to understand the terms included in the book. we are not going to gamble and add stocks, we are going to find the ultimate reason behind why we buy a particular stock.
  2. Stickky charts :   if you are into trading , then this book should be in your list. The book gives you better idea on how to make money trading stocks just by looking at the price patterns. There is no need for fundamental analysis, easy and interesting read.
  3. 4 methods to day trading  If you are looking to make trade easy with no confusion, then this is the book. it gives you the top 4 methods on how to trade stocks, there could be plenty of methods but these four make the complete technical analysis of stock market.
  4. A complete guide to volume price analysis   this is a new book on volume and it gives you how to read the volume in a chart. How do you know it is a buy or sell from the chart? After reading this book, you can get a clear idea.
  5. The definite guide using Gann’s square of nine   stock market is easy if you are good at numbers and astrology. Gann is an expert stock trader, investor and tutor for many technical analysts. He believed that the stock prices work on the law of numbers. He made the square of nine calculator using the ideas he got from travelling egypt and india.  Resistance and support of any stock can be found using his square of nine principle.
  6. breakthrough strategies : combines a variety of stock predicting methods and comes with the best result. Fibonacci retracements are easy and can help you find a stock buy and sell level. You will have to combine the levels with the volume to make the trade decision
  7. one good trade:  the idea is to prepare someone for making good trades. if you make one good trade a daily and your income increases systematically. systematic approach towards financial freedom. there is no trading technique involved but the psychology works.
  8. way of the turtle: this is one good book about breakout strategies. when a stock breaks the 5 day support or resistance with volume, you can see a trend change.
  9. trading for living:  what if you have to be trader for life and make a career out of it? how will you succeed? what are the money making skills that one must have to save money for future?
  10. power of habit:  This is not a trading book , but it can help you achieve your goals. what seperates the rich from the poor? their habits ofcourse. The poor fears to make a financial decision, whereas the rich is happy to make it.

These are the top ten books , use the power of habit to master it. You have to learn, study, research and trade/invest with stocks. Little knowledge is the worst when it comes to stock trading. Good Luck with your trading!

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