weekly trend

Stay in cash when you don’t want to trade

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This is the simple mistake we do,  we think all our trades are right and throw our cash just like the ICO ( initial coin offering), there are now 1200+ crypto currencies and there will be a bull run in the crypto currencies especially with the money transfer projects like ripple and Digibyte  etc. Also with storage projects like siacoin. If you are planning to invest in crypto currencies then get my book on crypto currency investing.

Everyday at 9 pm , i have my own trading setup. This is a scan result of stocks that i get from Amibroker as well as my excel sheet scans. I get a potential of 20 stocks to trade for the next day. I also have the weekly level finder for NIFTY and banknifty , which has 60 percent success ratio like this,

weekly trend

I got this from forum  years back and it’s followed by many traders. Next with the 20 stocks , i check for the positive or negative news and look at the chart pattern manually. Trading in cash market is different from trading in option market.  Most of the trades are pump and dump which you must ignore and concentrate on the news for the best trades.

I also have a plan for investing in stocks for long term and this is the only book that you need. I wrote back in August last year and has the information for the next 10-20 years. If you follow the rules, you gain.

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