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Many traders are in the hurry to make money from stocks. But not many people succeed in making good trades, I am sure you would have tried all the methods to make money from stocks. In fact the technical analysis doesn’t give positive points to the trader and they don’t work unless the volume appears.  The volume determines the buying power and only when a person with huge money follows the same technical analysis method as yours, then you make money. Winning is to pick the right stocks at the right time and it’s an art which not all can’t master.

Focus makes perfect

Stock market is very tough to make money and quick to lose money. Many have burnt their hard earned money within days. If you don’t practice enough you would lose for sure, focus is the word for the beginners. One who focuses the stock and identifies the pattern would make money and it’s simple. Every trader would balance their portfolio with fundamental stocks and high dividend yielding stocks, No one in the market knows or has the clue about what would happen next. If you are at profit, be thankful and book profits.

Someone invested in stocks a week ago will need money and will sell today. This is normal behavior of investors and traders. W.D.Gann has mentioned in his book about the universe and how universe helps you to achieve what you want. His writings have much more in common with the bible and he has found that there would be a particular sector stock which would be favorable to a person. Say for example you started to invest two years before and if you look at the portfolio, auto stocks are good for you and you made money with it. Then you must keep your focus on auto stocks and ignore rest of stocks, because we have less time to focus on the good ones.

Do what works for you and not just the whole world runs after it. We cannot be a master of stock market and it takes years of practice. Warren Buffett didn’t make money in stocks within few days, it took a lot of years and he was practicing his skills daily to make it better.  Now he knows the art of picking the right stocks and became the true master for all the investors around the world.



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