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We are always confused to trade and can’t make decisions when we sit before the terminal. One advises me to buy and another advises me to sell. What would I do now? Confidence in trading the right stock at the right time is the key to profits. How can we find the right stock? How can we find the right time to buy or sell? Start reading in 1 hour, just keep reading this article.

We are always clueless about the timing and lot of us does fail. The stock market doesn’t follow the small players or small investors. It depends on only the huge investors and traders who make a killing in huge quantities. Only when you take decisions similar to the rich and big traders, you can make money. I am sure none of the technical analysis would have taught you this; they just teach you the fundamentals of technical analysis.

It is sad to say that the machines are taking over the trading. It is tough to trade against the algorithms which trade huge quantities. Avoid trading on all days and look out for interesting patterns and opportunities. We can be sure that only chart patterns with volume gives the excellent opportunities. In day trading, you must look out for the different timeframes like one hour from market open, 1.30pm lunch time and one hour before the market close. If you watch day after day, you can find excellent trades here.

Have a strategy and execute on regular basis. We cannot be right always but end of the month; we must have money in our pockets. 5% return of our investment is amazing and that’s what the banks proceed. The key to make money is to improve our efforts at a consistent level, day after day. Money management is a skill, we always feel empty when we got more money and not able to spend money effectively. Maintaining the portfolio of stocks is like going for shopping on a Sunday. Look out for the prices which must be cheaper and better products to purchase at the right time.

Learn about the stock market money machine, where you can make effective trades in one day and enjoy the financial freedom. All we need is to get 15 pips and enjoy the rest of the day. Click the link to understand better.

You will now get 50 pages audio book explaining you the various methods of stock trading. This is very helpful for beginners.

Understand that markets are risky and you must know when to enter and exit from the trade. If you do the opposite, you will have to get your money in the next trade.

Trading is time and one wrong trade can make you lose money that you made in the whole week. Identify the best times in a day to make a trade.

Setting your targets is the ultimate step in the stock trading and where to set the stop-loss for the trade.

You had made a wrong trade, how to make it a good trade?

Make money in the long and short markets; understand that trading psychology alone works!

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