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We earn a lot and spend a lot; we never know where the money goes end of the month. Budgeting is a vital task to be done by everyone; you will find the worst spending mistakes if you keep track of your spending habits. 5$ a day could be small amount to consider but in the long run, it is a huge amount. Saving 5$ a day for 10 years would get you 18250$ and that’s a lot of money. I am not asking you to be stringent and starve without having dinner but spend all the money after saving for later. How to save your money in 4 steps?

Gold, Gold and gold

Lot of investors doesn’t consider gold as their first investment but I prefer Gold as the best investment.  Have 20 percent of your total annual earnings in GOLD. This is the safest investment and the rate of appreciation is slow but worthy to have it. Have it in piece of bar which is better than having it in ornaments, if you don’t feel like wearing it. But wearing gold as ornament has a belief that brings luck to you, why not give a try!!

Equity is the new Money

With the real estate prices and inflation going higher, the only option other than gold would be the equity, mutual funds and bonds. If you ask me, how much you should you put money in equity? 

You should the equity investment formula which is 100 –your age.  You can keep at the constant of 50 percent of your annual earnings.  This is riskier than gold and having money in the bank, there could be hits and misses too. Educate yourself by identifying the opportunities ahead in the equity market and sure there is a lot of work to be done and not an easy task.

Bank Savings

Have a long term saving account or pension account and keep adding money for many years. This can come handy for your long term financial goals. Avoid debt and credit cards, if you buy things that you don’t need, you will have to spend twice to pay off your loans. This can be your emergency funds and very helpful in crucial times.

Real estate investment

If you still got more money, you are super rich!!!!  The most reliable and dream of many would be the real estate investment. There is lot of tricks to find the best real estate property; you must educate yourself before entering to the world of real estate investments. A wrong investment in real estate would erode your wealth in no time. If you are looking for the best book on real estate try this one.

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