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Chart patterns are like the ECG of trading and investing. It can be applied in any time frame to make decision better. Even if you are an fundamental analyst and if the chart pattern isn’t that worthy for your stock then ignore it and look for other interesting chart patterns. Trading psychology works all the time, which can be read from the volume and chart patterns ( Breaking of immediate support/resistance). If you haven’t read the stikky charts yet,try now. 

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Chart patterns takes time to form, so sit back and relax. Take time to read chart patterns and decide whether you want to sell or buy. Draw lines to find the resistance and support, is the stock trending up or trending down? How can you judge from a chart pattern without knowing anything about results? This book is about pure technical and if practiced daily would help you read chart patterns. You can follow your own methods and use this book as an additional tool to cut losses and make good investment on stocks. Each bar in daily chart has information for the traders/investors and rely only on the EOD charts.

Do you know how to draw trend lines? Buy at support and sell at resistance, visualizing the patterns would develop your skill on drawing trend lines. It is connecting three resistance points or support points, breaking this line would lead to a new trend. The past makes the present trend and what happens now decides the future trend. It’s easy from practicing daily to find a stock whether it is in an up trend or a down trend. Technical analysis is all about drawing trend lines and you can predict future of stock prices.

What are the popular chart patterns? It is usually the M shaped and W shaped chart patterns. Head and shoulder patterns, Double bottom, Double top patterns are the ones you must watch out for. You can find demand and supply from the chart reading. If you want to analyze any stock, just draw trend lines. If a stock has good results and optimistic future ahead, you can plot it easily from stock chart patterns trending up. It’s easy to make investment in any stock within few minutes. W.D.Gann also explains in his book about seasons and using western astrology to find the tops/bottoms. We will see about W.D.Gann later in a separate post. So this proves how trend lines is important in any trading or investing stocks.( Always prefer using the EOD charts and not the weekly charts or intraday charts)

You will see charts in a new way identifying double tops, ascending triangle, descending triangle,finding breakouts and many things just by glancing the chart for few minutes. This method works best on bar charts and line charts, I haven’t tried on candlestick chart yet. Best suited for finding stop-loss values for your investment and cutting your losses.

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