NEWS is the ultimate key factor

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Stock traders are more in number these days and everyone knows about the stock trading fundamentals or the stock technical analysis. Think about the success ratio? Are all stock analysts success, there is no consistent profits week after week. We are always thinking about the amount of money that we would get from stock market but we ignore the Hard work behind it.

What is the simplest way to make money then? There are numerous methods out there and find the best one among them. Just follow one method and stick to it for the rest of your trading career, because the buy and sell signals differ from many technical tools and sometimes it may not even work also.

Find the markets talk and what does your broker say? Trading is a serious business and every time you must cut your losses immediately and never wait for another day. There is no quick method to make money and you will have to read all the books on stock market to make a trade.

There are some traders who don’t worry much and they just follow the news. You can also try their ideas, just know about the news and focus on the stock. In stock market, you must be a keen observer and know when to make decision. There are some days where market would be in consolidated mode and we can’t any short or long trade. It’s better to stay out of market rather than breaking your head to make perfect trades.

Keep your knowledge tank full. As trading is your full time profession, think about what you learned for the day, don’t concentrate on the money just concentrate on your learning to make your day perfect. Money would follow you if you are a perfect trader; perfection comes with practice and confidence. Don’t waste your day sitting before the terminal, you can start reading financial news to keep you occupied and if you don’t work hard, you would miss the journey of success.

Find the stocks with positive news and look at volume, how is the volume reacting to the news. There can be hundreds of decisions from the traders once when the news of a stock is out. we must know when to buy or sell and that comes with practice.

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