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Mark Cuban is interesting and anyone would love to hear advice from a successful person. I looked for Youtube to get inspired each day and also have a YouTube channel discussing about crypto-currency and lots of new financial tips. keep the basics right and start doing stuff!!

The video is about getting rich slowly and remember you cannot be rich overnight. This is going to take a lot of tiny steps each day and improving your life. These are 9 tips for every inspiring person out there to become rich in another 5 to 10 years. Yes , again only when you take the right actions then you are going to be rich. It’s easy when you put things in an order and setting your priorities.

  1. Live like a student – College guys are cool and they keep studying each day. There is no stopping to learning and you must be happy because you don’t have exams each day.

Stop using credit cards – This is the worst mistake that everyone does. When you buy something in credit, then you need to work double time to re-pay it. You might forget to pay bills on time, then you are again paying more. The good thing is to avoid credit cards.

Save six months income –  this is finest tip for any guy out there. you need to have the plan B for your life, you cannot live without your basic needs. you need a backup for later!

Mutual funds  – Stop checking your balance and have a long term approach to stocks, mutual funds. Because this is your another backup plan for your life. you can’t go and ask someone for money.

High risk? then only 10 percent – Allocate only 10 percent to future trading , option trading and crypto-currency. Because there are a lot of hit and misses in this category. You may get too rich or lose your investment.

Buy consumables in bulk  — buy when the discounts are higher and save for later. Idea of toothpaste is interesting and to buy when they are on a huge sale. This is time to put it in the pocket!

Stop or minimize debit cards – Yes that’s right, reduce the number of times you swipe cards. when you go to a restaurant then you can keep cash handy. You don’t need to always have the debit cards and pay using them.

Keep buying books –  Books are very informative and you can a get new idea that can change your life and business. this is the best one out there, start to read minimum 100 pages in a day. You will improve your learning skill over time.

Be the cool guy –  remember we all go through stressful job. We don’t need to yell at someone for reason. your work and home are different, you should be more kind and do the necessary work. you can’t blame anyone except yourself for the failures. Develop caring attitude, talk to old people and talk to kids often.

That’s all!

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