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After Binance got closed,  there were very less exchanges having your favorite coin. After the launch of Kucoin, there was an increase in the volume of new registration. There are rumors that Binance accounts are being sold for 0.5 btc. Never sell any of your accounts because you cannot get  new registrations again. Kucoin consists of some interesting coin which is not available elsewhere. Now it has around 159 top coins and they are doing well. You can see the prices of kucoin shares spiking up following the Binance coins. Lots of people have moved away from poloniex and other exchanges to Kucoin, this is your time to open a new account.

You can trade with BTC or ETH and it can be blessing to get your favorite coin today.  Raiblocks and Canya coin are available with Kucoin and you can buy right away. All the new ico consider the kucoin as one of the interesting platform for them. Don’t miss your wonderful chance in opening your new account with kucoin. When the registrations exceeds , then the team would decide to close further signups.

The referral plans are very good with kucoin and it’s a referral tree I would say, where you can get commissions for life time. You get commissions which can reduce your trading fee when someone signups through your referral link. You get around 40 percent of the trading fee split among the referrals. This is a crowd sourcing trade plan giving more commissions to the trader/investor

You can find your referral link under the explore tab and click invitation bonus. Check out my link below


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