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We always have this in mind that we missed the bitcoins money or missed investing in amazon.com, this happens to many of us or may be someone booked profits in them too quick. We must have patience in investing and you must not make quick decisions. We have in mind to buy in bulk quantity but avoid buying just 10 shares in one week which is also considered as investing.You can build your portfolio for the long term with patience.

If you are into investing, follow these

Value Investing for beginners

a. Never sell stock any stock. That’s right! Hold them for long term say 10 years or more. Why do you need to sell a stock ?  I made this mistake when I was young, I thought I need to buy in bulk quantity to be rich but thats not true. If you had one stock of a successful company say like berkshire hathaway you are rich. You need to find the right investment and hold it for years.

b. Make solid decision to buy, read a lot about companies about economy about anything related to stocks. you need to know everything about it before you invest the money. If you don’t have an idea, then don’t invest your money rather have it in the bank,

c. Make your own research. Get inspired from other people but make your own research and that definitely makes you stand out as a winner. You don’t need someone to tell you what you need to buy.

stop wasting your time and learn about investing. It takes to learn but definitely worth spending your time on it. I have some interesting courses for you on investing, if you have the time then you can try updating your skills. The best investment is in investing in your skills for a better future.

A Practical No Non-Sense Guide to Learning about the World of Investing



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