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Trading is mistaken for gambling and lot of traders keep losing money. If you are looking for tricks to trade stocks then keep reading this article. Expert advice on television would be a waste of time and if you are glued to the television about the stock news, then stop from this minute. Most experts on television won’t want you to know the truth about stock trading. This article would give you a simple trick to make more money.

Options are the best ways to trade a stock. It is low risk and high returns, lot of traders used this option as hedging. Naked options can fetch you monthly returns easily. The trick is to sell the call option of the index or sell the put option of index on expiry day. We cannot get all successful trades in a day, end of the month we must get good returns.

Selling options would be the best way to make money. Sometimes there is risk involved but the returns are extraordinary. If you can make money more than the bank interest, then you are a successful trader. Every trader must follow a system to be successful; it is easy to make more profits if you have a plan for stock trading. Turtle trading was very popular and it used only one principle which is buying above the 20 day period high price, this fetched a lot of money for the turtle traders.

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