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Stock investing and trading is an art and it takes years of practice. It is generally group behavior and psychology involved behind. if you don’t align your trade or investment with the group you lose.

How to find the crowd psychology? It is a bit tough! there are plenty of methods out there and none of them works well.  Remember you are your own guru and you can only make a change to your life.

If you approach a stock analyst to pick you a right stock. It may work for others but not for you, there is psychology and science behind the money that one can earn. Not all people are successful when it comes to trading, follow someone if he or she is successful.

Stock investment is a hobby for some people and profession for some others. if you don’t practice well , you lose.  This is not gambling for sure, this is calculated risk that you take on your money and you expect returns for your investment.

[sociallocker] stock trading tips (click here) [/sociallocker]is a book written to help traders make money. There are two rules to stock trading..

rule 1 : Never lose money

rule 2 : Follow rule 1


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