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World is changing every minute, every hour and every day. Change is the only permanent thing. We all need money to make new possibilities happen. Many entrepreneurs are smart and if you don’t compete with them, you lost in the race. Read and share more with anyone around you. Keep the environment positive and that can create income easily. It starts from day one from learning the basics and moving on to the other things. If you don’t understand the basics well, on the 30th day you will be the same person and on the 365th day, again the same.

Improve your life with little efforts every day, make one percent improvement to your life each single day, it can be with health or money or relationships. We cannot get all good days but continue doing things for better tomorrow. But learning is a slow process and long term effect in our lives, Set aside time every week for reading books. Make a habit to read two books every week, plan your week ahead and things would become simple.

There are two ways to do things, one is to do professionally and other is to do as a hobby. Consider your work as professional and don’t do it for the money. It’s all in mind, the thoughts we think about ourselves. Be the Greedy Nerd and to get inspired, we need to keep our motivation tank full.  Keep reading inspirational books every day, most people nowadays are very busy but still they can complete a book in two days. There are plenty of inspiring authors out there and how to take their inspiration depends on your attitude. Most successful people watch their thoughts and when you keep occupied with good books, your life improves.

If you are looking to read the best books available in the market, try using the app BLINKIST where you can get around 2000+ books in different topics, these are chosen by authors and experts who have read more than 1000 books. When you aren’t good at something, then you must try to hear from the experts.  Especially with the financial matters, you must ask for expert guidance. Warren buffett suggests reading 500 pages daily, which gives him the knowledge and ability to pick stocks better than others.

How can he read 500 pages in a day? It may seem impossible task but if you practice reading 30 pages a day, it is possible to read 500 pages or even more in a day. It’s all about how passionate you are and how can you solve a problem easily than others. Many people never work hard; they work smart and achieve what they want. If you are not able to read 100 pages a day, start with 10 pages a day. The idea is to develop consistency. It is a habit that you must develop lifelong to be successful and interesting. Every book is a life changing experience, the secret of success and motivation can be found in one book but we never know which one.

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book – Dr.Seuss

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