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Say you started something on your own or still not figured out what to do and working at your desk 9 to 5. No one makes big if they don’t have a team, the best things come from good team work. Treat people you meet nicely and you would get favors from them. Sometimes it’s like a mirror if you respect someone, they respect you back. Initially you need to be more quantitative with the stuff than bring quality to your company, surviving is the toughest task now. To keep the work environment happy and wonderful, carefully select good people to work for you.

Successful entrepreneurs hire the best people in the market. You need someone talented and able to understand the complete process of your industry.  You must develop the intuition to hire the best people in the industry and it comes with meeting people daily. Find someone who can manage their workflow on their own and not disturbed by pressure. If everyone at your office have a roadmap of what to do, it would become easy.





The three traits to look

Hire someone if they are talented and you believe in them. The idea of startup management has changed a lot and it will be changing year after year. Keeping the work environment happy is possible only by hiring people whom you feel talented, interesting and working with them gives you a pleasant experience.

When you have good team by your side that proves you have someone to support you in hard times. As a CEO of a company, it’s hard to make decisions without asking your team. It’s all team effort and building rapport with your team to make your product sell better. When people are motivated, they show up for work early and feel very happy to work.

Hire character and train skills – Peter Schutz (CEO of Porsche)


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