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People should believe you are an entrepreneur and many times I don’t act like one, it’s our body language to blame, I have failed to impress people. Body language is what people look at the first sight, Stop being shy and it can never get you anywhere. Your dreams would get spoiled if you are shy or fearing to make that first step. The first impression you create matters a lot and that’s your first salary.

Many times I have failed at public speaking, talking to a team mate and similar stuffs. People with weak body language can’t sell and it’s the truth. You  need to sell something and to do that is by being bold. People love to be motivated and be with the strong person than someone who is weak and indecisive. Having weak body language is a turn off. How to be the best and work hard?  People would expect respect and motivation from you. Having good posture and saying in a way would bring you more success, sometimes you need to say that people don’t want to hear.

A good body language can make the speech powerful. Everyone has a seller within themselves and you must be your own marketer. How would you sell something if you don’t have the skills? Most coders , authors have the technical knowledge but they don’t know how to sell their product and only an actor can. How to make that sale that you want? Create the curiosity when you talk and You must build the value before selling something and body language helps you build that trust.

Women are good at dressing and using the body language effectively, they know what to say and when to say it. They are good at multi-tasking and their minds are made like that. If you want to impress someone in the first meeting, then try to improve the body language. I used to fail most of my interviews because I don’t keep eye contact and fear. Look for the best posture and it can make you a confident personality. Body language, confidence and thoughts are related. If you are in the idea of making more things possible, it is already seen in the way you interact.  A busy man has makes more interaction than someone who isn’t working.

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Body language is a powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech and apparently 80 percent of what you understand in a conversation is read through your body, not the words – Deborah Bull

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