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The smart guy always plans simple and better than others. The success ratio of his ideas is always 70 percent. When you have a clear plan to do the next thing, you are successful. I always keep things simple and get going. What’s the best way to build a better product? How to win over your competition, find the product to sell and that’s your first target.

Always find the easiest way to do a thing, make it cheaper cost and reliable. There is nothing called a unique product and the proverb says there is nothing new under the sun. Even if you want to create a product out of air, it already exists. The smart guy looks the patterns that can be profitable in the future and something that is very useful to the masses.

Smart guy looks the pattern among his competition and tries to beat them with a unique style.  The style could be with the service offered by having a good plan to recruit the right people to serve the company better or make the production cost cheaper by making possible changes in the existing system or improving the quality of the product.  The better you design the product; you can solve the problem of the masses.

Product designing is interesting and you just need to simplify things to be the best.  Sometimes entrepreneurs fail but they don’t give up.  Design the best product and people would buy from you each day. There are no tricks or hacks, just simple thoughts for the future and improvement of the company. You get more ideas each day and note them down in a paper and you can sell it someday. Your goal is to sell something, change an idea to reality and sell it.

Look at iphone, no one thought apple would create a product that would solve the problems of thousands of people. The music player was way advanced than its time and look at latest iphone, its still the best and people would remember for another 20 years. Create something like that, take inspiration and you can do it.

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