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Learn the sales technique and it keeps you in the business. You have figured out the WHY and WHAT process of your life and it’s now time to find it HOW? Most sales techniques start with how, it starts from pricing, to selling it to the right people. We need sales, month after month and that builds the company’s wealth. No company wants its employees to be idle.

I told you already, shy people can’t sell; introverts can’t sell any product than an extrovert who does no work. It’s a feeling and a habit to sell better and even though the product is not worthy. Marketers are able to sell something low priced using fancy words to sell higher. They can also buy things at cheaper and swap for higher price. Understand the market and know what sells and what doesn’t sell! This is your first lesson to pitch any product to anyone.

People love the funny guy; they love the honest and hardworking people. What you need to be, is the honest extrovert sales man. The way you say things matter most than the product, communication is what people look for and it makes them think or laugh or buy from you immediately. If you have the marketing skill, you don’t have to work more than others and end up with the worst things.

Markets are tough and I can’t make that sale is your negative thought and how can you change that to a positive thought? Build more clients and offer more value than you are paid for, that’s the key to success. Introverts are thinkers and extroverts are speakers, if you have a team you find both and that’s balancing. If you are finding a co-founder for your company, look for extrovert sellers and you would be happy to pay less for marketing. It may sound funny but it’s the truth.

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Wise men speak because they have something to say;

Fools because they have to say something -Plato

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