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Success comes to people only through Hardwork and doing homework. Never start with the whole project, break them into parts and start working. Practice makes perfect so start today. If you want to accomplish your goals, have a routine and you can achieve them. We need a doer and not a thinker, the latter keeps thinking in his mind and never complete the task.

If you want to be a writer, you must love your writing and others writing as well. To be good at something you must have a mind to appreciate others. Only if you admire others, you will do your work better. The more you exercise the muscle gets stronger.

It is like hitting the gym, muscles don’t grow in a single day. Daily 10 percent improvement gives you a long term effect. The goals which we want to achieve are in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind has to work for the sub conscious mind and make it believe you are strong, productive, effective and interesting. We are all worried about the next day but we have today, which is the greatest gift. Stay away from emotions when you want to be productive. Anger, fear, guilt, being sad are the worst enemies of a person and it’s contagious that you might affect the energy of the person near you.

How to raise your vibrations and feel free? Meditate and that’s the only answer. The more you meditate the better you get. You will feel relaxed completely and it’s improves your overall health of a person. 10 minutes meditation daily can give you a lot of benefits, once when someone starts to meditate he or she becomes happy and it calms one’s mind gives them peace.

Social anxiety and jealously are the bad habits. Instead slowly change them to gratitude and kindness. Be kind to someone around you every day, we never let go off the thoughts and makes it worse. It’s an illusion and threatens you; avoid being victim by healing yourself with autosuggestion or visualization or using hypnosis healing. Affirmations and deep breathing can help you out of anxiety.

Learn some more tips from the video course on being more positive and productive every day.


The way to get started is to quit talking and being doing – Walt Disney

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