Don’t trade even it is tempting

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Stock traders want their money to be multiplied within a short period of time. so they try all the methods possible out there but it’s not necessary. If you have the basics in mind, you can get a lot of money quickly. so people order a lot of SMS based equity calls services and pick trades aggressively. Don’t be so greedy and jump into trades without checking the chart. You must know to how to read stock charts.

W.d. Gann has explained well in his books, there is a relation between time and price. In those days, people didn’t use volume in their trading. In modern world, it is good to learn how the volume works. There is something common between volume, time and price. If someone can interpret the market news with these things, he or she can make a lot of money.

You must stop trusting the equity calls because they are based on numbers and it doesn’t work well. you can make your own strategy to trade. What you must practice is to not trade when it’s tempting!

If you have made one profitable day, close the laptop and enjoy the sun. Don’t worry about tomorrow , just invest and forget.



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