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That’s right! if you want to be successful then share knowledge with other people. I see a lot of traders don’t have an idea because they don’t interact. You know introverts aren’t that successful, sharing is caring as they say. You must discuss some stock patterns and stock related study every now and then, this can improve your trading style. Stock trading is always in the mind and if you get the news right, you can read the patterns in the right way.

There are various methods to stock trading and all of those methods work well. Free your mind and stop being too fixed in your thoughts, there is no book that can give you the mathematical formula for success in stock trading. You are given the freedom to choose whatever method you want to use. All those methods work if used rightly, get the logic right and you can continue to make money month after month.

Once when you read stock forums or discuss in real with a trader, you get the idea of how the market will be in the coming weeks. It takes time and practice to understand what is happening with stock market, once when you discuss with someone, you get the new way of looking at stocks. When I started with stocks, I thought MACD BUY signal means the stock would go up higher and I need to buy. But it’s just an indicator, you shouldn’t make a decision to buy every time you get the signal. All the technical indicators follow the news and then the support/resistance break with volume. If you got a buy signal on a low volume stock and you believe it would go higher, may not be true.

Learn the news, read the support/resistance and Look at the volumes!


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