The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W. D. Gann’s Square of 9- review

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This is one of the top books on Gann trading used by many traders. This is the easiest and most widely used trading technique. Fibonacci levels and Gann levels work on any market whether it is stocks or commodity or future. The stock values based on numbers and they have particular vibrations. Support and resistance of any stock can be found using this methodology. Although volume plays its part and stock picking is another task which you must consider.

W.D.Gann has well researched the market than anyone else. At one point of time, his courses were costly and said to be around 5000$ for coaching his principles. Gann theories work in intraday and weekly time frames as well. Many authors have researched his works and made numerous books for the enthusiastic traders. Patrick explains the square of nine, which is the base for all stock trading and investments. W.D.Gann based his trades and investment on seasons which was found to be an amazing investment tactics. He used psychology as well as the levels in his trading routine. He also used the western astrology and at one time, he was accurate about the price of wheat futures.

Square of nine and other calculators used by Gann are given in the book. Use it for trading stocks or commodities and follow in your daily routine. To find the stock trend, you will have to read the other W.D.gann’s work

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