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Crypto-currency has grown over 1000 percent in this year alone. This is huge cash in this category compared with the stock markets. What is the reason for the huge craziness? There are now new ideas popping up like using the crypto currency as the alternate payment system. Gone are the days using the credit/debit payment system and you can see that Woo-commerce has started accepting ripple payments (XRP). Changelly exchange helps you to transfer coins within minutes but there is no wallet as of now.

Music artists have started to accept Monero as a payment system. Mariah carey recently expressed her views on using Monero as a payment for her store. There are many other artists fall out boy, Motorhead, Toby keith and G-eazy who started to accept the crypto-currency because there is a lot of money out there and potential buyers. I have a wrote a top idea for app developers which is simple and has the long term effect.

Always 10 to 30 percent in crypto currency and more than that is too risky!!

I wanted to sell XRP and buy verge in small quantities. There are many wallets out there and conversion is very tough, you need to find an exchange when allows users to buy Verge and swap them for XRP. You know I need to convert it to ETH or BTC first and then transfer them to Verge coin , the process is not easy. You will lose commission during the conversion.

I found a method which is easier and safer ( I don’t recommend it when you want to do it daily, because the commissions are higher sometimes) Changelly is a website that has robots trading on different exchanges for you and makes the conversion. You need to give the order on what you want, say like 200 XRP and I want verge coin, it automatically shows the number of verge coins that I get. ( This is approximate only )

I suggest checking with different exchanges and you don’t worry about the charges then you can go ahead. Say like OMG coin is your favorite while you don’t want to start investing through exchanges like hitbtc, poloniex or bittrex then this is possible idea.

I am an affiliate to changelly and I recommend if you are using only Wallet. If you have surplus BTC or ETH then it’s good.( Check conversion with coinmarketcap and  coingecko)

Affiliate link for Changelly

check the video to understand better


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