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Trading is considered to be the money making machine but sometimes it’s a boring machine. Lot of traders and investors get frustrated about no stock movement and feel hopeless to mint money. Not all trading days are lucky, there are some days where you can’t make money and get losses than your profits. You could sometimes think to yourself what a boring day . If you are bored reading my post, i bet you watched the Mad max fury road movie and “What a lovely day” line can never be forgotten. Another line “I live , I die, I live again” which is most inspiring and builds our confidence back.

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On a boring day, find inspiration to build your portfolio. Be more relaxed, trading opportunities are available everyday. It is not the end of the world, How can you build portfolio to enjoy your retirement life? Balance your funds, never put all your money in the same basket.

There are other opportunities which would interest you,

  1. Investing in Gold
  2. Investing in equity
  3. Health insurance
  4. Real estate investment
  5. Online Business and Bitcoin

The best investment you can make is investing in yourself. It’s developing your skills and making the right investment.It depends on your age and where you live to make proper investment plans.However the options remain the same. Divide the amount of money that you have and invest in parts to make a killing with your holdings.Most investors and big money makers remain calm and they never in a hurry to make a decision. In stock trading or while making your investments if you make one mistake, you lose your time, energy and become stressed.

Investing in Gold

This is considered to be one of the old age technique and still a lot of people consider it to be the best investment. you can buy in physical Gold or make your investment in Gold ETF or Gold Bonds which can fetch you returns every year. Some traders consider gold as the best investment while others consider it to be the worst. However you can invest to about 10 percent of your total money in gold.

Investing in Equity

The second best option if you want to improve your financial status year after year. Be a long term investment, Buy the best companies out there at the right price. It is good to pick stocks during recession and wait for the right price and hold for years. Lot of people worry that there is a lot of risk but there is no business without any risk. Always take calculated risk with your money and it’s worth.


There is a need for everyone to get a health insurance Or insurance for your property. It’s easy and quick, it saves you a lot of time in the future.Lot of people believe that insurance is not affordable but you can get the best plan for you and approach a consultant. It gives the security and makes you feel protected. If you don’t take time for insurance then you might regret later.This is one of the high priority task to be done by every individual. It takes only the cost of a coffee to protect you and your family from tragedy.

Real estate investments

This is the tough decision compared with other investments. It is a dream for everyone to have a new home or plot of land in their name. Elon musk plans to get you a space on mars but however for this article we are discussing only about earth. There is a huge potential of doubling your investment with real estate. Make your own research and expert guidance is advised. It may seem tricky to purchase land or constructed site but with experience, it becomes effortless.

Online Business And bitcoins

All other investments may seem old but the online business based on your interest ( This could be anything like trading or selling things for profit or blog like I do) has extra-ordinary potential and the revenue generating from these marketplace would be your paycheck. it would be an recurring income and spend your life as retirement ( forget about jobs). Bitcoin is the universal internet currency, if you have bought bitcoin in the year 2012 for about $15 or $10 is worth 1324 dollars during the writing of this article. Find innovate ways to make money and stay disciplined, then you would think “What a lovely day it is!”

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