Is bollinger bands the best indicator?

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If you are a stock trader and if you are day trading, then you must know about bollinger bands. I love the idea of bollinger bands and most traders still follow in their daily schedule. If you want to find the trend of a particular stock, then try adding the bollinger bands. You can find from the bollinger bands squeeze whether the stock will move up or down in the next time periods.

It can be used in 5 mins or 30 mins or daily and I prefer using the 5 mins chart for finding the best opportunities. I have made a video for easy learning. Upper bollinger band + higher volume will the stock go higher and the reverse for shorting. you can find the total volumes and their behavior in 5 mins chart only. It also works well on 30 mins chart pattern,you need to understand the volume better and chart pattern better.

Scan for the opportunities and trade, bollinger bands are the best guide to find the right stocks to trade. It is in other terms scalping method to make quick profits. Use the bollinger bands and find the stock that move out of upper band to buy. Sometimes the stock may reverse from that level also. You need to be familiar with the news and as well as the chart pattern. Learn from the video to understand better!

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