Best Books On Stock trading (2017)

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Many traders and investors who have followed website have known this and if you are an investor I recommend only one book ” The intelligent Investor”. If you are a trader and want to make money each day then follow this post where I give you some important guides

Toby Crabel ( ORB)

This is a great method for stock trading and pick stocks with volume to trade each day. Look for short term gains and close the trade, opening range breakout works well even today. This was an amazing technique in 1990 and it works still the same.

Street smarts( Linda Raschke)

Another gem book, I have to read it again and practice in regular day trading. It was written for the next 50 to 100 years in mind. Very interesting book, there will no tough lessons but the things are explained in a way. I recommend you to add this book to your shelf.

Turtle trader

There are two books out there on amazon. One by Micheal W Covel and another one by Curtis Faith. This is a simple logic to buy above the peak and sell below the trough. Back in the days they used 20 days high or low to take trades. If the last trade was a fail, then take this trade(  this can be manually checked by traders)

Fibonacci trading (Carolyn Boroden)

Fibonacci numbers work well and the levels can be used to trade effectively. You will know when to cut your losses and when to hold for targets.  You can decide where to buy and where to sell. You should read this book to get more ideas.

Stock trading Now

This is the book from the team of which is a complete guide and includes all the investment ideas. You should be regular to follow these methods and can benefit you in the long run. Start stock trading now 

I recommend this five stock trading books and these will be the best guides. Follow one system and don’t be a confused guy before the trading screen. Losses do happen and make them minimum. Begin with the end in your mind, which can make you rich!

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