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Traders mostly get anxiety and when a new trade is initialized they keep glued to the screen. How to control anxiety? To overcome anxiety, keep things simple. Never get too much enthusiastic about profits and dream about the money. Not only traders but software engineers as well as bankers suffer with anxiety and stress.They want to succeed but if they can’t then suffer with different ailments. This article is about about how to overcome anxiety, so keep reading.

Take a break

Office opens at 9.30 am but you keep preparing the whole night for the day ahead. Take a break from the mobile notifications and reading news every minute. Stop worrying about the appraisal meeting with your manager. Being in a job is an endless process, you will have to keep on doing. you are not machine or laboratory rat to keep on running. Fix your target that you want to achieve, you will feel happy later on. If you have read the book , One thing by Gary Keller  or the deep work by Cal Newport you will learn about succeeding in what you do without getting bored.

Breathing exercise

Breathing is fantastic, your body gets relaxed when you intake more air. Yoga is nothing but breathing air and a lot of people are charged high for it (kidding!), but you must know how and when to do yoga/breathing exercise. Start your day before sunrise and allocate time for yoga/breathing exercise. Practice is the key to success, how much time you do doesn’t matter. What matters is how you do it? Allot 20 minutes a day for breathing and feel completely relaxed. It helps you prepare your day and make you confident.

Walking Daily

Walking is amazing and not many people follow it. Walking can improve your memory, it helps you stay fresh. Go for a walk nearby your home and get amazed by the nature. The idea is to feel relaxed and believe yourself you can do your work without anxiety or worry or fear. Everything we want to achieve is always beyond fear or anxiety or worry. While you walk, your mind gets freshened and you start to get more new ideas. You will increase your productivity at work only when you stay away from fear or anxiety or worry.

Drinking more water

Staring the screen for hours can get your body temperature to high. Lot of people have got eye ailments because of body heat. Move around in your workplace, don’t keep looking the monitor screen for hours. Drink more water, have a bottle handy and have juice every one hour.Take 15 minutes break every one hour too.Lot of laptop screens are ON all the time, avoid wasting your battery. Note the things that you want to do with your laptop/computer and make it the first task with no distractions. Have a specific time for everything, you wanted to work but you keep reading the Hollywood news and lose your time.

Build your Confidence

Build your body through yoga and your mind to be happy always. Happiness is a gift worth more than gold or money.Visualize in your mind, you are a happy and confident person. Have a journal by your side or use your mobile to note down the best ideas. You might get an idea for a project, you can get an idea for trading stocks etc., Better save it for later in your journal. End your day with satisfaction that you made this day wonderful and there is a lot more to do tomorrow.


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