Why I always track the 52 week high stocks?

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If you are an investor who never looks for stocks daily and don’t want to gamble then this is for you. Look for only the stocks that performed well and the best way is to look at end of the day chart. It just takes 5 minutes of your time and it’s the best idea out there. Investors are relaxed people and if you want to make the best investment, try the 52 week high stocks. It works all the time, you should check with the fundamentals and the things ahead for the company to project the share price. If the stock moves above the 52 week and if the company is good,it would attract more buying.

Alternatively you can go with the 52 week low but that’s risky to choose, many stocks turn to penny stocks. If the fundamentals aren’t strong, its better to avoid. The stock which goes up will continue the trend and the stock that moves down, it always moves down.  If you are looking for 52 week low stocks, it is called as value investing. It is like betting on a horse that failed 20 times in a row but have a winning record last year.

I avoid the 52 week low stocks and look at the positive 52 week high stocks, this is your opportunity. You can get the good stocks and if the fundamentals are strong, there is possibility of price going higher.  Avoid when the time, the whole market is on 52 high and be stock specific. Most mutual fund managers look for stocks above 52 week high. Look for the best stocks that will be having more demand in the future. Identify the business of the company and understand how much profit is there and the influencer makes the investment, there is huge potential.

Rich people never fail to pick the right stocks. Their failure ratio is very less compared to a small investor. It’s like a big fish in the tank and the small fishes following the big fish. They decide the trend , they make the prices soar. Be with the big fishes and that’s where all the money is. Look at the idea of Uber, people have no clue when it first launched and it slowly picked up the speed. Understanding the business model is most important, there would be hundreds of business  but if there is no strong management or single influential person behind it , then it would fail for sure. They need the funding and that’s the fuel for the startup.

Your lesson for the day : Choose stocks that have crossed 52 week high price within 60 days.

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