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Stock trading is the toughest job to do and it eats your time. With technical analysts creating new stock formula every month and there is a lot to learn. But every technical analyst forgets that each formula is created above the psychology of trading and no AI can replace the manual stock trading with proper money management skills. What should you learn to make profits every week? This would be the answer and it’s chart patterns!

Price action works all the time and there is no tools needed to trade. There is no need to purchase fancy high priced trading system except the two ideas in this book. Keep your trading routine simple and you are happy with profits. don’t add too much technical indicators and they don’t work anymore or probably you are using it in the wrong way. Have the specific plan to what amount of percentage you want to make every week? My target is just 3 percent and works all the time because I am able to achieve. Get rich slowly and you will be happy for the daily work you do.

What is this book about?

How would you feel , if you got just two methods to start trading with stocks?
One method to buy stocks and another to sell stocks!

No confusing and no worries. No more technical analysis stuff. This is the best and the trigger price is decided by you. 

First you scan for the best stocks and next you sell or buy during the day for 3 to 5 percent profits. 

Scanning is the interesting part , it is the 80/20 style of trading and the experts do it daily. You need to create a cheat sheet with patterns and that can make you money every week and every month no matter the crowd’s opinion be! You need to look at the right chart patterns.

Money Management is an interesting topic in this book. Learn one method to sell stock and one idea to buy stocks, its based on chart patterns. It works all the time and you need to be intuitive sometimes.

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